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who’swhostreaming... Who’s who... Asia is in full streaming mode, with global, regional and local services battling for hearts, eyes and dollars of Asia’s increasingly mobile audiences. ContentAsia looks at who’s who in five markets – Cambodia, Japan, Mongolia, Myanmar and Pakistan. Japan Cambodia Both Amazon and Netflix are heavily focused on Japan, with a stream of originals made with local partners and some lively content experimenta- tion. Amazon is perhaps bravest, with, among other titles, a local version of The Bachelor, a format commonly thought to be way too bold for conservative local audiences. The reality show is but one of a steady stream of Japanese originals covering a wide range of genres from cyber- crime to variety. Amazon is also experimenting with short-form, kicking off in 2018 with Shiro to Kiiro – Hawaii to Watshi no Pankeeki Monogatari, inspired by the true story of the young woman who kicked off Japan’s pancake craze. Netflix’s Japanese slate outside of Japan runs from anime (including 2014 series Haikyu!!, eight seasons/167 episodes of Bleach, and 2015 show Is It Wrong To Try to Pick up Girls from a Dungeon, among others) to drama (Million Yen Women, a 2017 Netflix Original about five women who move Cambodia, home to 16 million people, has two home-grown streaming in with unsuccessful novelist Shin). Netflix originals in the space also include platforms, only one of which has a commercial angle. Big-brand players an alliance with free-TV broadcaster Fuji TV, which returns unscripted series such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, have included the country in Terrace House to SVOD screens globally on 19 December. The new series, their global footprints, but are not thought to have made much head- Terrace House: Opening New Doors is set in the resort town of Karuizawa, way, firstly because of their global pricing and payment models in one bringing the reality show back to Japan after a season in Hawaii. The of the world’s poorest countries, and because there’s no local content. original Terrace House aired on Fuji TV from 2012 to 2014. About 50% of Cambodia’s population is estimated to be below 22 years Japan’s online video activity goes back more than a decade, although old, which makes the country a prime target for digital services – even- Japanese audiences have still not rushed full-scale into the subscription tually. Internet penetration is about 25% – one of the lowest in Asia. streaming universe. Many point out that Japan remains a market that enjoys a lively trade in DVDs. Komsan.TV/Digi About An online portal providing About Online TV service live Cambodian TV and radio sta- Owned by DTV Star tions to people living in and out of Launched 2013 Cambodia What’s on 5,000+ titles (TV shows, Owned by KhmerLive TV movies, anime, sports, kids) & live TV What’s on Live streaming content How much Offered free to DTV’s from four Cambodian TV stations Digi broadband subscribers in (Bayon TV, Bayon TV News, TVK and Phnom Penh. Bundled as part of TV3) and 18 radio stations, as well Digi’s Digi World pack, which also as catch-up content includes online shopping and on- line games/news services 42 The Bachelor Japan, Amazon Prime contentasia issue seven, december 2017