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A leading Singapore-based distribution agency and production company, Bomanbridge Media exclusively distributes renowned programming from around the world. The company’s team has earned a stellar reputation in the region as the go-to company for profi table programming results. Its diverse catalogue currently holds over 6,000 hours of top quality programming, consisting of Formats, Lifestyle, Specialist Factual, Factual Entertainment, Drama, Kids and Educational content. Offering brand strategy, programme distribution and Format development, Bomanbridge is an effective programming partner.

Who's who 

Sonia Fleck
Founder & CEO

Aegena Tay
Director of Sales and Acquisitions, Greater China

Moon Gyeong Min
Director of Distribution Development, Korea, Japan, Mongolia

Arpit Agarwal
Director of Sales, South Asia

Gleyce Soares
Senior Sales Manager, Southeast Asia

Josephine Lim
TV Programming and Sales Coordinator


Formats, lifestyle, specialist factual, factual entertainment, drama, kids and educational content


Generally all Asian Rights and/or worldwide rights, de-pending on titles. Please contact our Distribution Directors for further information.


100% HD as well as a large percentage in 4K. Bomanbridge Media has also launched a new VR programme – St. Peter’s and The Papal Basilicas of Rome.

Asia focus in 2017

Bomanbridge will continue to focus on the entire Asia region as well as internationally. We are expanding our strong hold beyond the Asia borders and will focus on all content genres across the region, with respect to both linear and digital deals.

Top shows are... 

WooRooRoo is a new Korean animation based on Carl Gustav Jung’s Typological Theory (1921) of children’s social behaviour. It features eight different animal characters teaching children how to care and help each other out through various situations. The series enhances children’s physical, intellectual, and emotional de-velopment and enables the growth of their imagination, courage, and friendship. Kids & Animation. Episodes/length: 52x5 mins and 16x1 min

Atlantic – Fire In The Ocean – Available Worldwide

Running down the centre of the Atlantic is a vast chain of volcanic mountains, 10,000km long – the mid-Atlantic Ridge. As underwater volcanoes erupt they create new seafloor – but occasionally eruptions are big enough to rise above the surface as tiny, isolated islands. Born of fire, these islands teem with life forms found nowhere else on earth. On this journey we’ll explore the natural history of these remote Atlantic islands, from Iceland in the north to those fringing Antarctica in the south. Nature & Wildlife. Episodes/length: 1x60 mins.

St. Peter’s And The Papal Basilicas Of Rome – Available in VR

This unique film combines history, spirituality, architecture and the art, taking its cue from the Extraordinary Jubilee proclaimed by Pope Francis. It is an exclusive visit to the four Major basilicas in Rome to discover the hidden treasures of the Eternal City. The history of these churches will unfold and show the way they have evolved over the centuries, as well as the most famous works of art and the deepest meanings to be found within their walls. Arts. Episodes/length: 1x95 mins or 4x25 mins. 3D/4K.

Also available: Florence and the Uffizi Gallery (Episodes/length: 1x90 mins or 1x60 mins), Leonardo Davinci: The Genius in Milan (Episodes/length: 1x90 mins or 2x45 mins)


"In addition to maximising our linear content sales, Bomanbridge is expecting significant revenues in the digital arena. The company will be announcing important partnerships this year, which will further our content reach."

Sonia Fleck, Founder & CEO


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