Caracol Internacional

Caracol Television S.A. is a national private channel that has produced some of the most innovative and successful shows on Colombian television. Today, it is a major content producer expanding its infl uence to the entire world through its international distribution division and its international cable signal.

Who's who 

Lisette Osorio
Vice President of International Sales

Maria Estrella

Sales Executive Asia

Jesus Iriepar

Sales Executive for Europe and Middle East

Paloma Garcia
Sales Executive for Europe and Africa


Caracol Internacional is currently in conversation about its innovative singing format in several territories in Asia. The show has been optioned in the U.S. and Europe, and in 2017 the format will be adapted in Spain.


Caracol Internacional sells series, telenovelas, documentaries, movies and entertainment formats.


Caracol holds all rights for its productions


After 2008 all content is available in HD. Laura, An Extraordinary Life is available in 4K, with more to come in this category.

Asia focus in 2017

For 2017 we will continue our expansion efforts in the region, every country is essential to attain our goals. We are giving special attention to digital platforms, we understand that the market is revolutionising constantly and new demands are arising.”

Top shows are... 
The Girl

The Girl, which led Colombia’s prime time, is based in real-life events. The series tells the story of a girl who was forcefully recruited by guerrillas and who lived through the horrors of war first-hand. After many years, she leaves the armed group to start a road back to society, which is not easy. When she begins the reintegration process, she has to face the rejection of many people, including her own family. Series. Episodes/length: 86x60 mins

Against Our Destiny

Based on the book The Discreet Hero by the Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa, the story tells the life of Gertrudis and Armida, two young sisters with completely different personalities who learn to support each other after becoming orphans and being taken under the care of their aunt Luzmila, who denies them any kind of love. Between their innocence and their audacity, the two young women plan to escape, but everything goes wrong, they end up separated and thinking that the other one has died. It will take two decades for these two sisters to reunite. Telenovela. Episodes/length: 60x60 mins

The White Slave

With high production values this period series tells the life of a white woman raised by slaves, who years after being separated from her family, comes back to America to avenge the death of her biological parents, free her adoptive family and reunite with the love of her life. Series. Episodes/length: 62x60 mins


“Our series, footage and Telenovelas have had various premieres and we are noticing a stronger demand in the Asian market for these genres. These premieres have proved that our products have been successfully welcomed by the Asian audience. Therefore, we expect a more positive result from these markets moving forward in 2017.”


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