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For over 50 years, DW Transtel has been providing international partners a wide assortment of captivating documentaries that cover social issues, globalisation, nature, science, history, sports, children’s programming, all available in English, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish. DW Transtel is among the largest providers of documentaries in Europe and is part of DW – Germany’s international broadcaster.

Who's who 

Petra Schneider
Director Distribution
T: +49 228 429 3501
E: petra-c.schneider@dw.com

Mee Fung Lee
Asia Representative
T: +60 3 2093 0866
E: meefung.lee@pikfilm.com.my


Cooperating and regionalising content is key to making sure that documentaries from DW Transtel can be adapted by partners for local audiences and for specific aims. For example, an educational video-on-demand supplier for universities across China recently acquired over 100 hours of content from DW Transtel, added Mandarin subtitles, making them available for millions of students.


With approximately 150 documentaries offered each year, DW Transtel focuses on international television. We provide quality documentaries that cover an exhaustive list of topics including, politics, business, globalisation, science, medicine, the en-vironment, travel, culture and sports.


DW Transtel holds the worldwide distribution rights to most of the documentaries in the catalogue and works to ensure these are also available both on-demand and on mobile devices.


The majority of the videos in DW Transtel’s documentary catalogue are available in HD and most new titles are available in HD.

Asia focus in 2017

“We want our documentaries to reach as many people in Asia as possible because the diversity of content provided on DW Transtel means that we can add value to the media landscape wherever we distribute. We are currently working on increasing partnerships and coproduction agreements in markets like Vietnam, Indonesia and China.”

Top shows are... 
Farming for the Planet

This series unearths ideas and inspiration for sustainable agriculture and explores corporate and technological issues affecting food production worldwide. We take an original perspective on sustainable agriculture that makes a contribution to this complex and important issue. Episodes/length: 6x30 mins

Need to Compete

A rare glimpse at the spirit of competition celebrated in communities and cultures around the world. These exciting and unique games, contests and sports go be-yond ordinary entertainment. Find out what makes these events so special and why so many have lasted generations. Episodes/length: 5x30 mins

Composers of Genius

Discover the lives of musical masters through the cities, people and places that touched their lives and helped them shape their genius. Classical music-lovers will experience intimate portraits that transcend genres and generations. Episodes/length: 5x52 mins


"We saw a big increase in interest from Asian partners in 2016 and this is indicative of the overall growth in popularity for international programming in diverse markets from India to Indonesia. There are also a lot of studies indicating that usage of mobile and on-demand video will be growing in many Asian markets through 2020 and we are trying to make sure more of our content will be available on these devices.

Petra Schneider Director Distribution


Kurt–Schumacher–Str. 3
53113 Bonn, Germany

Asia office:
PIK film
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Lucky Garden, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Asia office:
T: +60 3 2093 0866
 F: +60 3 2093 8688
E: meefung.lee@pikfilm.com.my