Globo is Latin America’s largest content producer, mobilising millions of people around the world every day. Recognised for the quality of its productions, the company has received over 90 International Emmy Awards nominations and has had its works presented in renowned international festivals such as the Berlinale (Germany), Series Maria (France) and TIFF (Canada). This success is a result of the close relationship it has with the public and its investments in creation, production and distribution of content with different genres and formats for multiple platforms.


Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade,
160 / 7º andar
Vila Cordeiro / 04583-115
São Paulo, Brazil
T: +55 11 5112 4559
F: +55 11 5112 4018

Who’s who...

Bruno Assumpção
T: +55 11 5112 4368

Mariana Saramago
T: +55 11 5112 4350


“For years, Globo has been offering a broad portfolio to the Asian public, ranging from the classic telenovelas, which remain extremely relevant, to series and miniseries. All the titles have exciting and captivating plots, with high technical and drama quality – results of Globo’s constant investments in talent, technology and production infrastructure – that meet the different needs of partners in the region, where the company has many fans.”


“We license broadcasting rights to our products – telenovelas, series, miniseries and movies – to multi-platforms.”


We are always looking for new ways to evolve in the production of our products and in their quality as well. As a result we offer to the market top productions in 4K, as the drama series Under Pressure, a rating and critical success; and Above Justice, which received two nominations for the International Emmy Awards this year.

Asia focus in 2018

“We have a very strong presence in Asia where our stories have a very strong link with audiences of different ages. We work with the most important players in the market and, in 2018, will continue to focus on the entire region, regardless of the country.”

Top shows are...

Rock Story
Gui is a former rock star who struggles to reinvent himself in his professional and personal lives after another artist steals his fame and his wife. Imperfect, careless, but with a giant heart, he will be tested by fate while having the opportunity to change his life by finding out about a teenage son and facing a new and unexpected love affair. But in order to change his own story, he will have to make the right choices he did not make in the past. Episodes/length: 135x60 mins. Telenovela

Total Dreamer
This modern fairy tale tells the story of a homeless girl who dreams of helping out her family and finds her big chance of turning her life around in a fashion modeling contest. But the way to winning it and becoming a star will be a lot harder than she originally envisioned. A captivating romantic comedy about overcoming obstacles, Total Dreamer wins its audience’s heart right from the fi rst episode. Episodes/length: 130x60 mins. Telenovela

Under Pressure
Inside a chaotic emergency room in Rio de Janeiro, a team of doctors is torn between their internal personal conflicts, the difficulties of the profession and the surprising dramas behind each patient’s history, in a heroic attempt to save lives. A talented surgeon and a faith-driven doctor will fi nd strength in each other to face this extremely harsh routine. Episodes/length: 9x60 mins. 4K Drama series. Produced by: Globo, Conspiração