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ITV Studios Global Entertainment represents the very best content from around the world and is the world’s fastest-growing distribution business. We distribute a catalogue of over 50,000 hours working with over 3000 partners globally and distribute across all leading linear and digital platforms including Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Google. We tell stories from around the world and are proud to partner with the very best of British and International producing talent, renowned for ground-breaking hits, award-winning drama and audience-thrilling cast. Find out more at


ITV Studios Global Entertainment is involved in the distribution of formats in the region, but does not have its own production arm in Asia. The company anticipates the premiere of format Born To Shine in Vietnam in May 2017.


All genres


Varies but in most cases, ITV Studios Global Entertainment has full rights.


Most of the new content is in HD; no 4K content production at the moment.

Top shows are... 

Breaking ratings records from the U.K. to the U.S., this sweeping primetime epic became the global smash hit of 2015. Now Aidan Turner returns as a favourite hero in 10 new episodes. Returning home following his arrest in the finale of series one, Ross soon faces a new fight for freedom when George Warleggan tries desperately to steal his mine and have him hanged as a revolutionary. Drama. Episodes/length: Series 1: 8x60 mins; Series 2: 10x60 mins


The much-anticipated prequel to multi-award-winning global hit Prime Suspect. This visually-stunning, cinematic-style drama rewinds to 1970s London to portray the early career of the formidable DCI Jane Tennison, the role that established Oscar® winner Dame Helen Mirren as a household name. Drama. Episodes/length: 6x60 mins


Featuring a stellar cast, this eight-part series is the start of a landmark account of the life of British history’s most significant monarch. It is a saga of interlocking circles – the circuits of power in Westminster, the fast-growing family of Victoria and Albert, the intermarrying European royal houses and the sometimes scandalous palace staff. Series 2 coming in 2017. Drama. Episodes/length: 1x90 mins + 7x60 mins

Real Story Of...

Could what really happened be more intriguing, more thrilling and more revealing than the fiction? Find out as these high octane documentaries reveal the true stories behind some of Hollywood’s finest movies. Blending dramatic reconstruction with telling archive of actual events, eyewitness testimony and documentary footage, Real Story of... unpicks fact from fi ction, meeting the people behind these extraordinary events to experience the real drama of the truth. Documentaries. Episodes/length: 6x60 mins

Love Island

Love Island sees its occupants live the celebrity lifestyle in a stunning villa on the beautiful island of Mallorca while they get to know each other a little better. They are on the lookout for romance, but as always the road to love never runs smoothly as they must not only choose their partner wisely but also win the hearts of the public. It’s up to the viewers to decide who they want to stay in the show to watch their relationship develop and which pair they want to crown the hottest couple on the island. Full of flirting, jealousy, rejection and romance, Love Island is an emotional feast of lust and passion in the sun. Format/Finished. Episodes/length: Series 1: 28x60 mins, 4x75 mins, 2x90 mins; Series 2: 2x90 mins, 2x75 mins, 39x60 mins

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...

The tragic and sudden deaths of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Karen Carpenter, River Phoenix, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others sent the world into a frenzy fuelled by hearsay and rumour. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... investigates not only their untimely deaths but also the extraordinary lives of these global icons. Documentaries. Episodes/length: Series 1: 3x60 mins; Series 2: 3x60 mins; Series 3: 3x60 mins; Series 4: 4x60 mins; Series 5: 4x60 mins

Meet the Parents

Can you find your perfect match by meeting their parents? One singleton looking for love tries to find a ideal partner by quizzing their potential suitor’s mum and dad. Nothing is off limits. The possible love interest must sit through their parents’ revelations whilst locked in the Parent Trap, our understage studio, seen only by our audience and viewers. They have one chance to defend themselves using The Panic Button. Will they live up to their parents’ proud boasts, or are they a romantic flop? Format/Finished. Episodes/length: Series 1: 8x60 mins


Young, digital, interactive and fast paced. YouTube stars are taking over the TV screen and they’re doing what they do best: creating videos. In each episode, our internet stars face a different video challenge, in pairs or teams. Themes range from becoming a tourist guide in their local city to a review of an exciting new product. The winner of the challenge is decided by how many online fans ‘like’ their video. At the forefront of the global internet video phenomenon these stars already have a massive loyal fanbase. Now they’re teaming up in a fun, young, brand new interactive format to take their talents to a different level. Format/Finished.


Featuring an award-winning creative team and all-star cast, Harlots is a powerful drama set against the vibrant, cosmopolitan backdrop of 18th-century Georgian London, offering a bold new take on the city’s most valuable commercial activity – sex. Based on the stories of real women, and the men who surround them, this provocative character-driven series centres on the formidable Margaret Wells and her daughters, as she struggles to reconcile the role of mother with brothel owner. When her business comes under attack from a rival madam with a ruthless streak, Margaret will fight back, even if it means putting her family at risk. Combining wit with high drama, this fast-paced tale of family, power and brutal economics shines a light on the extraordinary businesswomen who helped to build the London we know, and the stories we continue to see, now, today and everywhere. Drama. Episodes/length: Series 1: 8x60 mins

Loch Ness

On the beautiful, haunting shores of Scotland’s iconic Loch Ness, amid a community sustained by myth and bordered by untamed nature, the search for the truth becomes a matter of life and death in this gripping murder mystery. Here the monster doesn’t lurk in the depths – it walks amongst men, a serial killer who must be stopped. When a body is found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain, local detective Annie Redford is thrown into her first murder case. But as grief, terror and suspicion envelops the town and the repercussions of the investigation expose the fault-lines in Annie’s closest relationships, this tightly plotted drama becomes about more than catching a killer; it’s about the survival of a family and community. Drama. Episodes/length: Series 1: 6x60 mins


Increased business with VOD platforms for both 2016 and the same is expected for 2017.


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