A Woman of Steel

Valentina Villalba has it all: beauty, a significant inherited fortune, a successful career and a man she adores. She believes her happiness will be complete when she marries Alonso. Reality shatters her dreams because Alonso is only after her money and, in addition to being her cousin Ivana’s lover, he leaves Valentina stranded at the altar. From that day on, Valentina becomes cold, intolerant and authoritarian, full of bitterness and regret.Years later, she meets Jose Miguel, who arrives at his father’s hacienda to work the land. Jose Miguel and Valentina have many disputes about the boundary lines of their adjoining properties. She is aggressive and defiant, but Jose Miguel can’t help falling in love with her striking beauty and strong character, and he decides to win her over. Despite all the obstacles, Valentina gradually allows her feelings for Jose Miguel to evolve until they break down the fortress she built around her heart. Episodes/length: 150x60 mins (available in HD and format)

Distributed by: Televisa Internacional