Rai News 24

Rai News 24, the first Italian all-news channel with non-stop information.
Top stories, breaking news, live coverage of the main national and international events. Created on 26 April 1999, Rai News 24 experiments with an innovative model that combines television, internet and digital technologies. The choice of a multi-screen format, widespread use of video conference connections with correspondents and experts, was significant. Often, videos are broadcast without commentary, and only some subtitles, so as to not bias the viewer.

Owned by / Company 
Rai Com is the commercial branch of Rai Group, the Italian public broadcaster. The company is an international content producer and distributor, it also offers year-round support to all major Italian directors as well as to emerging talents in best placing their titles in the international market with the same passion and care for cinema it has demonstrated since its founding in 1968. Rai Com also distributes Rai channels with a multiplatform approach to reach wider audiences and targeted markets.
Who's who 

David Bogi
Head of International Sales and Business Development
E: [email protected]
Sabrina Eleuteri
International Channels Distribution, European Countries
E: [email protected]
Benedetta Migliore
International Channels Distribution, Extra European Countries
E: [email protected]

Channel distribution in Asia 

Rai Italia is the utmost connection between Italy and Italians living abroad. It fills the gap between them and their homeland, keeping up-to-date the language, the news, the latest programmes. As a public service, Rai actively offers the channel to the largest number possible of people living outside Italy. There are more than 20 million households that watch Rai channels worldwide excluding Europe and Asia.


We can offer TVOD and SVOD services through platform partners. All content is available with English subtitles and/or English dubbing. We also offer Club Channels weekly magazine, a best of the linear channels in an 8h weekly magazine that will bring you to the world of one of the most important football clubs of the world in original English version.


Rai Com S.p.A.
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20 Feb 2019