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Issue Seven 2018 includes:

ContentAsia’s Formats Outlook 2018
2018 looks like it will end with Asia’s formats biz up on last year. Thailand and Korea are the big winners for format rights holders, followed by India. Volume is way down in Vietnam compared to last year, but the market remains the region’s biggest buyer of formats by far.

Globealisation: Inside Globe Telecom’s content big picture
Philippines’ telco giant, Globe Telecom, has 65 million customers and a sharp focus on adding multi-genre content to its playlist. Partnerships and co-productions are a big part of an even bigger play for the hearts and minds of consumers, and not just in the Philippines, says senior advisor Joe Caliro.

Sony’s new structure gives L.A. HQ more direct control over Asia channels. Future proofing? Or dialling the clock back?
Like many others in Asia’s channels space, Sony Pictures Television enters 2019 in different shape. The November re-org centralises some functions in the U.S., is designed to leverage global scale for English-language programming and acquisitions, and refocuses a streamlined channels team on Asian content and original production as well as revenue-generating activities.


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