Hi. We’re TiVo. And we’re here to build the ultimate entertainment experience. We’re always innovating to create the ultimate entertainment experience. We touch the lives of binge-watching, entertainment fanatics every day by delivering beautiful user experiences and enabling the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to nurture more meaningful relationships with their audiences. Our technology inventions run deep and we continue to revolutionise how people find content in a chaotic, fragmented media landscape. It’s this “content chaos” and insatiable demand for media and entertainment that keep us inspired – to create products and licensable technology that ultimately enable people to find and enjoy the TV and movies they love.

User Experience

Launch the services that are right for you and your customers
With decades of deep industry experience, TiVo can help you accelerate the changes necessary to retain and grow your customer base with consideration for existing infrastructure. TiVo’s integrated user experience solutions, rooted in our legacy of entertainment innovation, can give you the tools to not only adapt quickly to this new landscape, but also differentiate your offerings and increase customer engagement.

End-to-end solutions to suit any environment
We provide an intuitive user interface, multi-screen functionality and back-end services, including metadata, search and recommendations that support video-on-demand, mobile apps, streaming and more. Our solutions are designed to enable basic functionality as well as next-gen capabilities so you can create the entertainment experience that’s right for your business.

A user interface with beauty and brains
Millions of consumers interact with TiVo technologies every day, and we pride ourselves on our visionary product design and execution. Known for a truly beautiful user interface – rich in information, imagery and functionality – TiVo can help you immerse viewers in the entertainment they want to experience and get them to the content they want quickly through highly relevant, personalised search results and recommendations. 

Personalised Content Discovery

Revolutionary approach to entertainment discovery
TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform is revolutionising the way video service providers deliver content to viewers, and ultimately the way consumers find something they want to watch across their devices. Highly relevant search results, customised recommendations carousels, increased convenience with natural voice recognition and the insights that can help providers fine-tune the experience.

Flexible implementation and deployment options
TiVo’s platform supports a variety of discovery experiences spanning linear TV, premium channels, VOD, DVR and OTT. 

Powering results based on a viewer’s preferences and behaviors, TiVo’s Search takes results to a personalised level. We support a variety of options and range of filtering and faceting functionality. TiVo’s Search recognises intent based on the user’s previous viewing habits to provide the most relevant result.

TiVo’s Recommendations delivers unparalleled personalisation, targeted content promotions and improved engagement. Tailored to each individual viewer and unique for every situation and moment, personalised recommendations from TiVo are predictive, dynamic and highly relevant.

TiVo’s Conversation gets viewers to the content they want even faster by allowing them to search using free-flowing conversational dialogue. With consideration for user preferences and context, results and recommendations are highly relevant, adding convenience and value. Conversation personalises the experience further and makes it more engaging with naturally spoken responses.

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