Ejen Ali


Izham Omar, CEO, Primeworks Studios

Izham Omar, CEO of Malaysian production house, Primeworks Studios, talks about surfacing content, improving discoverability, YouTube, IP and rights, Asia's acquisition habits, monetising kids content and what the biggest influences in 2020...

What are your top three priorities for distribution of your content in other parts of Asia in 2020?
"We will be focusing on the best of Malaysian content, titles from our own productions and from external Malaysian producers. We are looking at mainly feature films, Malay dramas and animation."

Did the rest of the Asia market live up to expectations in terms of acquisitions of your content in 2019?
"Yes and no. Countries like Vietnam and Cambodia have been very receptive but China still proves to be a challenge." 

 What do you think will have the biggest influence on acquisition of your content in Asia in 2020?
1. New SVOD players entering this region
2. Channel aggregation

Excerpts of this interview were published in ContentAsia's print magazine for the ATF 2019