Revenge Note2

The story of a high-school girl who uses a mysterious application that permits revenge named "Revenge Note". High school students grow up as they solve unfair issues of teens. Length: 16x50 mins

ABC News 7.30 Documentary

Australia's leading nightly public affairs program, bringing you more exclusive investigations and real life stories of extraordinary Australians. Plus a unique perspective on the issues of the day. Presented by Leigh Sales.

New Gold Mountain Drama

Starring Mulan’s Yoson An and Vikings’ Alyssa Sutherland, this historical drama is filled with intrigue, secrets and murder.  The series follows a group of compelling, morally grey characters brought together by a mysterious murder during the wild west era of the Australian gold rush. Length: 4x60 mins

World of Himmapan (Pipob Himmapan) Drama

World of Himmapan is a fantasy adventure series that takes you to the mythical Himmapan forest of magic and danger that conjures mythical creatures. 

Linked by karma, Pim hires a handsome but stubborn hunter named Krit to guide her through the uncharted Himmapan forest to hunt for the legendary mystical stone 'Ulogmanee,' which have magical powers that could heal her father's ailment.  Unbeknownst to them, Singhol, the forest master, had orchestrated their dangerous journey.  Pim and Krit discover their past life connections - love and hatred for each other- and realize humans' capacity for cruelty, compassion, and true love.

Length: 17x85 mins

The Mole Drama

A real-life undercover thriller about two ordinary men who embark on an outrageously dangerous ten-year mission to penetrate the world’s most secretive and brutal dictatorship: North Korea. This is the story of “The Mole,” an ordinary family man and a former chef from Denmark turned secret agent, and ‘Mr. James,’ a former jet-set cocaine pusher posing as a Scandinavian billionaire. Filmed in secrecy over a period of 10 years, The Mole is the most disturbing story of the 21st century and will make you wonder if the world will ever be the same again. Length: 1x126 mins and 2x60 mins

Babae at Baril (Girl with a Gun) Movies

Action/crime/thriller film "Babae at Baril" (1 hr 20 mins) tells a story about a department store saleslady Babae (played by Janine Gutierrez)  who has had enough of being an underdog. One night, she discovers a peculiar-looking gun right on her doorstep. Her life drastically changes as she discovers how much power owning a gun can give her. Written and directed by Rae Red ("Red Kids", "Eerie"), the film cast includes Elijah Canlas (as Jun), Felix Roco and JC Santos (as Miguel). "Babae at Baril" ("Girl with a Gun") was released in October 2019.

Mating Machine Documentary

Why do males look more decorated and beautiful? Why are females so picky in choosing their mates? Why do we do things that have nothing to do with our survival? We look for the answers by studying the lives of plants, insects, fish, mammals, birds, and primates of the world. The true winner of the battlefield of evolution is not the ones that survive, but the ones that mate successfully. We have evolved into both surviving machines and dating machines. Length: 2x50 mins

Fisher Queen - Women Vs. Nature Documentary

Fishing is often considered an exclusive arena for men. Here are the women who are challenging this stereotype suggesting the sustainable life not only for human but also for nature. The queen of a fly-fishing 'Jung Park' who knows how to cast a fishing rod with elegance and accuracy. A fierce spearfisher 'Hyeri Kang' waits for her one and only prey patiently on the ocean floor. Last but not least, 'Ryujin Ko', a Jeju Haenyeo referring a female diver for living without any equipment, harvests seafood only as much her breath allows. Their way of fishing is not the fight against nature. It is a journey of being united with nature. It is also their solidarity towards ecological systems for resilience and sustainability. Length: 1x52 mins

Lotto Singer Game-show

Lotto Singer, the latest music game show of Wonwoo Park, who is the creator of The Masked Singer, is a revolutionary show that surpasses the limit of conventional talent show. 45 singers in all genres get their scores by the on-site Audience Panels after the stage and those scores are locked in the safe so that no one knows the score until the very end of each round. The viewers at home get an opportunity to win the lottery if they correctly guess the Top 6 singers who received the highest scores from the Audience Panels. A life-changing music game show that brings excitement and thrillingness at the same time! Length: 16x120 mins

Wife on Duty Drama

"Wife on Duty" is about two people - Tomorn (Warit Sirisantana), the heir to a mining fortune, and Tawan (Rinrada Kaewbuasai), a maid - united by their love for drama series on TV and social media. In the real world, Tomorn had been committed to an arranged marriage to Yardfah, but she has dedicated herself to another man. Yardfah's mother has sold the engagement ring given by Tomorn's family, so they plan to deceive him by asking their maid (Tawan) to step in as Yardfah and marry Tomorn. Tawan's world of social media and real-life is about to collide in this romantic comedy. Length: 15x85 mins

Beyond Evil Drama

Two ex-detectives who have fallen from grace in the city become patrol officers in a quiet town with a history of a notorious cold case: a serial killer whose signature move is laying cutting off the fingertips of the women he murders. The only suspect that the case ever had is one of the patrol officers, and his partner is here to figure out if he’s a monster who’s responsible for the murders, or a man who became a monster to find out who did it.

Length: 16x70 mins

Twist of Fate Drama

Everything in life arises from faith and courage to hold on to it. For some, to find true love, one must risk losing it. This is the story of a superstitious girl named Ada (Cemre Baysel), who believes that if she cannot marry her first love, she will be cursed for life. What is going to happen when Ada clings on to her marriage with Rüzgar (İdris Nebi Taşkan) in order not to be doomed, and has to work with her attractive boss, Bora (Aytaç Şaşmaz) who has absolutely no interest in love? Despite her self-imposed ill fate, people trying to cut them off, and many other obstacles to surmount, with time, life will challenge Ada and Bora individually to learn how to appreciate one another. Fate has twisted, and Cupid hit them both! Length: 58x43 mins

A Man in a Veil Drama Drama

A 2020/2021 award-winning Korean drama about Tae-pung (played by Kang Eun-tak), the smart and polite son of a rich family, and two women – one his first love, Yu-jeong, and the other her greedy and cunning sister, Yura. When, at 16, he suffers a  head injury as a result of trying to save one of them, he is left with the intelligence of a seven year old. Twelve years later, he becomes entangled in a web of deception woven by Yura, who is seeking a father for her unborn child and cons Tae-pung into marrying her. The truth is soon revealed, followed by a series of traumatic events. At the edge of death, a miracle occurs. Tae-pung emerges with super intelligence and now all he wants is revenge.   

Length: 100x40 mins
Director: Shin Chang-seok
Cast: Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, Lee Si-kang
Writer: Lee Jeong-dae
Genre: Drama, Format

Green Life Drama

Hana, an aspiring webtoon writer, moved to a rooftop house after a long basement life. She grows plants to her heart's content and meets new neighbors. Although she was struggling with the artist's debut, which did not solve well, she realized that various plants are located in the daily life of herself and her friends, and she intends to draw a webtoon based. Length: 7x8 mins

On the Verge of Insanity Drama

This is a drama about middle-aged office workers struggling to survive in a turbulent workplace. Ban-seok, a home appliance developer with 22 years of experience, is ousted by a younger colleague. Ja-young, an HR team leader with 18 years of experience, has Ban-seok join the team as a rookie. Ja-young’s ambitious ex-husband, whom she divorced a year ago and is the root of all these problems, becomes her boss.

Length: 16x70 mins

Disease Hunters Factual

What may bring the next pandemic? This three-part series features "Disease Hunters" on the frontlines as they identify, study or kill infectious diseases, vectors and microbes. It stars leading scientists from Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Iceland, India, U.K. and U.S. The series highlights international collaboration and data-sharing as scientists seek to keep pace with potential pathogens. The series connects today's outbreaks with historical epidemics and explores factors that may accelerate future outbreaks like human-animal interactions, drug resistance, climate change, urbanisation and globalisation. Through cinematic medical animations, it shows the unseen operations of viruses, bacteria and mosquito-borne diseases, vaccines, antibiotics, bacteriophages and monoclonal antibodies. Diseases discussed include COVID-19 coronavirus, influenza, H1N1 swine flu, polio, superbugs, tuberculosis, malaria and dengue.

Length: 3x60 mins

PPOPPOPPO Friends Drama

Healthy Body and Healthy Mind! TV contents “MBC PPOPPOPPO” has been in the front line of kid's contents in Korea. Its educational goal is “learning through playing.” This completes the core aspect of early childhood educational needs for future world leaders. It has 5segments of animation and live-action per episode with various topics which are based on the kindergarten curriculum used worldwide. Length: 100x25 mins

The Last Wildlife – Anan, Wangpeng & Me Documentary

Climate change has serious ecological impacts on the Earth that transpire beyond its most visible features such as pollution and the coronavirus disease. These changes are now being felt in the “highlands”, which are known as the roofs of the world. Last Wildlife follows the snow leopard, the endangered prince of the plateau, and details their competition with nomadic people in China and Tajikistan as they are driven to climb the plateau in pursuit of livestock feed. Meanwhile, as these winds of change blow through the global ecosystem, the Korean leopard’s footsteps have disappeared forever. I deeply think about the last wildlife on Earth. Length: Ver1. 1x50 / Ver2. 1x80

River Where the Moon Rises Drama

River Where the Moon Rises is adapted from a Korean folktale recorded in The History of the Three Kingdoms and centres around the love story of Princess Pyeonggang (played by Kim So Hyun) and her General, On Dal (played by Ji Soo). Born as a princess but raised as a soldier, young Pyeonggang sets out on a tour of the kingdom with her mother, the Empress. At one of the villages along the way, they meet General On Hyeop and his son, On Dal. Pyeonggang shares her goal of becoming Goguryeo’s first queen and the straightforward On Dal, who means no harm, laughs because women do not engage in state affairs. Meanwhile, the Empress seeks General On Hyeop's support. When the Empress and the General are assasinated, Pyeonggang sets out on a quest to uncover dark and dangerous conspiracies in the kingdom.

Casting A Spell To You Drama

Jiwoo, once a hot rich boy, comes up against the sudden announcement of his grandfather saying that Jiwoo is not the heir anymore. Jung-hee is a hardworking girl who has a dream of studying in France. But her friend fled off with all of her money she had saved for studying abroad. The two from opposite worlds run into each other at the bar Siesta. Length: 16x70 mins